Today in 'The End Is Nigh' news, Paris Hilton has inked a deal to make her an official member of the Young Money empire. So will the heiress be spittin' bars with her YMCMB counterparts like Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne? No, she won't (thank goodness!).

Hilton is set to release an album of house music this summer presumably to provide a personalized soundtrack to all those club appearances she does. According to E! Online, the album will be produced by Afrojack and will feature some of her Young Money labelmates like Weezy.

Hilton was welcomed to the YMCMB family with open arms as founder of the label, Birdman, tweeted his elation over his new artist, and Paris responded:

Of course, fans won't have to go too long without new Paris tunes (though we could continue going on this way forever), as she tweeted that she has a new song in the works with Lil Wayne. This is not the first time Hilton has collaborated with Weezy. The rapper and aspiring EDM-er hooked up on the track 'Last Night,' which was also produced by none other than Afrojack.

It seems as though Hilton is taking this music career pretty seriously. Now she's got the weight of a label behind her tracks and perhaps YMCMB is looking to expand it's empire into the realm of house and EDM music. Certainly, stranger things have happened!