Let's do the time warp again! Fox will remake the cult classic musical, The Rocky Horror Picture Show for TV. Entertainment Weekly reports that the network will give the classic movie, which is 40 years old, will get a modern update for this version.

Before you start thinking of this film as next in a line of a string of live musicals adapted for network television a la Peter Pan, The Sound of Music and Grease, which will air on Fox, know this: Rocky Horror will not be performed live, according to EW. The site points out that since the show will not be performed live, it'll be easier to cast the roles — with live performances, it can be difficult to find stars who also have the musical chops to sing and dance in real time.

Rocky Horror is a Halloween favorite — fans of the show often make a tradition of seeing it every year in theaters. This version will reportedly be directed, produced and choreographed by Kenny Ortega, of High School Musical fame.

Incidentally, Fox was also home to Glee, which recently aired its series finale and did an entire episode dedicated to Rocky Horror during its run on the network.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show's songs include "The Time Warp," "Science Fiction Double Feature," "Damn It, Janet" and "Sweet Transvestite."

We can't wait to see how Fox decides to modernize this iconic show while still highlighting all the things we fell in love with in the first place.

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