Just a few weeks after Creed frontman Scott Stapp was placed on a psychiatric hold, his sister-in-law and wife reportedly called 911 to enlist the police's help to find Stapp, who was riding on a bicycle, believing himself to be a member of the CIA trained to kill the president.

The disturbing 911 call, obtained by TMZ, depicts a female voice talking to a dispatcher at the sheriff's office. The woman explains that the singer left the mental facility that he was in and she was instructed to call the police by a psychiatrist at the treatment center when the woman explained what Stapp was doing.

"He's off of the drugs but he's going crazy… He think he's part of the CIA, he thinks they're trying to kill him… and he was supposed to assassinate Obama," she tells the police in the recording. "He's on a bicycle with no shirt and two backpacks with CIA and Central Intelligence documents."

Stapp's estranged wife, Jaclyn, reportedly then gets on the phone and explains:

"He's always suffered from the paranoid schizophrenia and he self medicates… and he's been in rehab about eight to ten times. A lot of arrests," she reveals. "But I stood by him because we know he's ill. We love him and we want to see him get better, but I need law enforcement's help because the only way he's gonna stop is when he hits rock bottom."

TMZ reports that Stapp called the police on his own to report a stolen vehicle, claiming his wife took his car. When the cops confronted Stapp in person, he reportedly did not show enough signs of mental instability for them to place him in a psych hold.

You can listen to the audio of the 911 call below.