After having a very eventful year—releasing their first album, conquering a world tour—SEVENTEEN has no plans on stopping (or sleeping) for the rest of the year.

Uploaded to Twitter on September 16, the Pledis boy group's official account posted a photo containing information fans weren't ready for: sub-unit projects. Now, if you're already stanning, stay stanning, because these sub-unit projects are coming for Carats sooner than you think.

Photo Credit: Pledis Entertainment, Twitter
Photo Credit: Pledis Entertainment, Twitter

Starting with the Leader unit on September 25, the Hip-Hop, Performance and Vocal teams will be dropping their own projects within a week of each other.

If you were lucky enough to catch SEVENTEEN on their recent Diamond Edge Tour, you got a taste of what's to come from the sub-units as they performed alternatively in between group performances.

To get a glimpse of what SEVENTEEN's sub-units sound like, check out Hip-Hop team's "Check-In," below.

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