Snooki of ‘Jersey Shore’ fame has revealed the gender of her new baby — it’s a girl!

The reality star learned of the news as she recorded a video for her fans, explaining that it would be a surprise for both her and viewers.

Fiancé Jionni LaValle knew the sex ahead of Snooki and placed appropriately colored balloons in a bin. “So we’re going to find out what we’re having right now,” Snooki said in the video while holding her 20-month-old son, Lorenzo.

When the pregnant Snooki opened the bin, pink zebra-print (of course) balloons floated out — the new baby is a girl!

It was fun to catch Snooki’s real-time reaction to the news. “Oh my goodness!” she shouted, bouncing her son on her hip. “We’re having a girl!”

Lorenzo didn’t seem too impressed, but we’re sure that’ll change once his baby sister arrives.

Snooki announced her second pregnancy in April, and shortly after turned to her blog to tell off the haters that seemed to have a lot to say about the baby news.

“With announcing this pregnancy, I’m STILL getting hate for ‘reproducing’ and being a mother,” she wrote. “Keep the 2012 jokes to yourself.”

The expectant mother seems happy and healthy in her announcement video. We hope she’s letting those negative comments roll off her back.

“We are having a little girl,” Snooki gushed in the vid, “and I don’t know how I feel about it. I’m terrified but we’re really, really excited.”

Congrats, Snooki, Jionni and Lorenzo!

Check out Snooki's full announcement video below.