We've heard all about Taylor Swift's '1989' Secret Sessions, but now, Swifties, there's video. Eek!

T. Swift herself shared the behind-the-scenes vid, which features amazing clips from each session in New York, L.A., Nashville, Rhode Island and London. And while it was one thing to read the written accounts from fans, it's a whole other thing to actually see video evidence of the fan-filled sessions, which turned out to be even more amazing than we ever thought possible.

Not did Taylor handpick fans to attend the sessions, she also gave them the surprise of their lives by popping up out of nowhere (cue lots of excited shrieking), playing them the entire '1989' album in full (sadly, "what happens in the Secret Sessions, stays in the Secret Sessions") and served as the perfect hostess, serving her over-the-moon guests homemade treats and other goodies. Swifties, could she be any more amazing?

Check out the BTS video of Taylor Swift's '1989' Secret Sessions above!

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