Swifties, it looks like Taylor Swift's next single has finally been announced! Following the impressive chart success of current single 'Shake It Off,' Taylor revealed to Billboard that her second single off the impressive '1989' is going to be the tongue-in-cheek track 'Blank Space.'

During her iHeartRadio secret session in New York this past Monday (Oct. 27), Taylor spoke about how the media's fictionalized portrayal of her as an obsessive serial-dater became the inspiration behind the track: "I was thinking about how [the media has] kind of drawn up this character — she’s emotionally unstable and needy and clingy, but she gets all these boyfriends but then they leave her and then she’s devastated and she goes to her evil lair to write songs for emotional revenge," and so she took on the persona of that character in order to write the song. And while the portrayal isn't necessarily a flattering one, it resulted in a fantastic track. Leave it to Taylor to turn something negative into a hit song!

After moving a reported 600,000 copies in just one day, '1989' is currently projected to sell 1.2 million albums -- a number almost unheard of these days, even for an artist as huge as Taylor. If the album does debut with over 1.2 million sales, it will be the first album to do so since Taylor's 2012 album 'Red.' Taylor would also be the only artist in history to have three albums sell over a million copies each during their debut weeks.

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