Taylor Swift's wildest dreams include: standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset; do not include getting grabbed while performing at a concert in Canada.

At a show in Edmonton along her 1989 tour this week, Swift encountered a fan who was a little too adoring. During a performance of "Bad Blood," a concert-goer reached out and grabbed the singer's leg, and in an Instagram video uploaded by attendee @allenavw, you can see just how intent the man is on wrapping his hands around Swift's calf. Paws off, buddy!

"Glad security was on him right away and of course Taylor carried on like a pro!" allenavw captioned the clip below, in which Swift looks rightly horrified the moment the man's hand makes contact. Still, we're glad to see she was able to shake it off and keep things moving.

And while this was a meet-and-greet the singer could have certainly done without, she told the Telegraph in May she typically relishes awkward exchanges with fans.

“My fans make fun of me—it’s really cool," she noted. "They have all these GIFs of me making an idiot of myself or tripping and falling on stage They bring humor back into it for me. I get too serious sometimes—you can probably tell—and they bring me back to like, ‘Okay, I’m not really doing anything that difficult. I just need to calm down.’"

Take a look at the exceedingly uncomfortable moment, and if you've seen Swift live, share any stories you've got in the comments.

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