Placentas – they're not just for nourishing a fetus anymore.

'Teen Mom 2' star Kailyn Lowry, 21, is expecting her second child this fall and she plans to feast on the placenta after the baby is born. She even tweeted that she spent cash to have her placenta transformed into digestible pills.

Below is her tweet announcing the news.

And her tweet defending her decision to uninformed haters.

The baby is due in November. Dad is her relatively new husband Javi Marroquin. They wed in January of this year. Lowry is already mom to Isaac, born in January 2010. His dad is her ex, Jo Rivera.

As Us Weekly pointed out, there has been a surge in popularity when it comes to placenta pills. They are created after the placenta is expelled, cleaned, cooked and processed. While it may seem icky on the surface, it's suggested that the pills are beneficial to the mother's health and that they may even aid women who are dealing with postpartum depression. That's certainly reason enough to get over the hump that is the gross out factor!

We've heard of weirder things, like people making soup out of the placenta. At least it's natural and created by the body, right? Ah, we won't try to continue to justify it. To each her own.