It's been a long time since the world has seen Tom Cruise jumping on a couch ... could the 'Top Gun' star finally be in love again?

A new report claims that Cruise, 51, has begun dating 'Orange Is the New Black' actress Laura Prepon, and that he is on on "cloud nine" over the 33-year-old. Cruise's representative denies rumors of a romance, but details of several of their alleged dates have surfaced in the media.

The pair, both Scientologists, reportedly have gone out in the Los Angeles area on at least three occasions. For the first, Cruise was said to have picked Prepon up in a classic car, whisking her to an expensive dinner at the Renaissance at the Manor Hotel. The couple subsequently returned to the same restaurant for a second date over Sunday brunch, and hit up a party together a few days later at the home of John Travolta, a fellow Scientologist.

Cruise's divorce from his wife of five years, Katie Holmes, was finalized some 15 months ago. Prepon was linked previously to Chris Masterson, one of her co-stars on 'That '70s Show.'