'Harry Potter's' Draco Malfoy actually has a heart of gold. Tom Felton, the 26-year-old British actor who portrayed Malfoy in the film franchise, has taken to social media to remember and honor his late dog, Timber, who passed away on May 29 from cancer.

Timber, who was only 7 years old when she died last week, belonged to Felton and his longtime girlfriend, Jade. The couple were devastated by losing their beloved pet, as Jade beautifully recounts in a heartbreaking letter that anyone who has ever lost a pet can relate to.

"I will be thankful for her for the rest of my life. Nothing changed me more than Timber did," Jade wrote, adding that she and the couple's dream "was that one day our kids would meet Timber."

"Raise a wand, a glass and a smile to celebrate Timber's life with us tonight," Felton recently wrote on Instagram. "Post your favourite pictures of her with #timberlives so we can all look back at her wonderful life. Thank you xx"

Our thoughts are with Tom and Jade as they deal with the devastating loss of Timber. See some of their photos in memory of Timber below.