Taylor Swift is America's Sweetheart. She makes people smile and laugh with her music and her personality, in addition to her general awesomeness. Unless, of course, you are 'Downton Abbey' actress Michelle Dockery. Then, T. Swizzle makes you cry, but in the best possible way.

The actress took her godchildren to see Swift perform. They got to meet the Swizz and were so happy to do so. As a result, Dockery, 32, got emotional watching them interact with the superstar/singer/songwriter/country crossover queen. Aw!!!

When asked about the last time she cried, the actress replied, "The last time I cried? My godchildren went to see Taylor Swift in concert and got to meet her. They literally ran toward her and hugged her, and it was amazing. I got big bonus points for it. I'll remind them when they're teenagers."

Taylor Swift – family unifier! How sweet, right? Swift is known for being generous with her time and accommodating to fans and it sounds like Dockery's godchildren enjoyed that same experience with her. Plus, Dockery now has ammo and can remind her godkids about "that time I took you to meet Taylor Swift" when they get older. We love it!