Guests on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon expect to be put to the test, and Monday night's show (March 16) was no different. Miles Teller, Jim Parsons and "Go Hard or Go Home" rapper Wiz Khalifa were invited to play Catchphrase, that game where you have to describe a term without using any of the words in the actual phrase. It's basically a louder, more exciting version of Charades.

Teamed up with Teller, Wiz dominates the first round. But things quickly fall apart when Miles is given the catchphrase "Shake It Off."

"It's a Taylor Swift song..." the actor prompts Wiz, who just stares at him baffled and confused. "Dance off!" he guesses with a panicked look on his face, as Teller begins to makes a salt-shaking gesture. Drawing a blank, the rapper just shrugs.

We thought T. Swift's hit was inescapable, but this just goes to show not everyone has heard the 1989 single!

If only Miles had been paired up with The Rock, whose epic rendition of "Shake It Off" will air on Spike's new show Lip Sync Battle on April 2.


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