A woman claims her ex-boyfriend asked her to be a bridesmaid in his wedding — without asking his future wife first.

The ordeal, which was submitted as an anonymous confession, was discussed on the popular Girls Overheard podcast, which is hosted by Ash Reid, Eilidh Wells and Lauren Kerr.

"I'm now married with two kids and I've been with my husband for nearly 10 years. My ex, let's call him Johnny, and I, haven't spoken since we split when I was 17 and him 22. We were together for five years, a big age gap, which says a lot about him looking back," the anonymous submission began.

"He started seeing an old friend that I had from college, let's call her Betty, that he had never met, but followed her on Facebook and asked her if she was friends with me, and they started dating, meeting Betty outside the college and asking me to join them for food. Three's a crowd, but that's just creepy," it continued.

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The woman claimed that her ex got her number from a "mutual friend," called her up and asked her to be his then-future wife's bridesmaid.

"Surprised he even had my number I said 'no' to which he replied 'I always wanted to see you walk down the aisle to me.' I hung up the phone, and after multiple failed attempts to contact me, I changed my number," the message read.

The woman allegedly called up the bride to let her know the groom had secretly contacted her, but as far as she knows, "the wedding still went ahead and they are still together" today.

Watch a clip from the podcast, below:

TikTok users commented on the shocking situation.

"Unfortunately, I see a lot of examples such as these. I work in the mental health field. I’ve been looking for the right cave to move into," one person wrote.

"This could have been a movie. He would definitely have arranged a first dance for them both," another chimed in

"Nothing surprises me these days," someone else quipped.

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