Its ratings weren't good enough to save it from cancellation, but your votes have put 'X Factor' on top nevertheless!

Just days after the U.S. version of the reality singing competition was officially canceled, it took the 2014 PopCrush Fan Choice Award for Best TV Show.

The Simon Cowell-led series, which featured celebrity judges Demi Lovato, Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio last season, won the poll with nearly 25 percent of the vote. 'Pretty Little Liars' came in second place, with just over 18 percent. 'Glee' and 'The Vampire Diaries' followed closely behind, with just over and just under 15 percent, respectively.

Two other reality singing competitions didn't fare anywhere near as well as 'X Factor,' although both will continue their runs on TV. 'The Voice' took nearly 9 percent of the votes cast. And the grandaddy of singing shows, 'American Idol'? It only garnered some 2 percent of the votes.