There was a time early on in Ariana Grande's musical career when she was dubbed the second coming of Mariah Carey by some overzealous fans (a comparison that likely stemmed from her cover of "Emotions," whistle note and all). It's a heavy declaration that comes with considerable weight behind it, along with its fair share of discourse. But regardless of whether Ariana will have the lasting power of an icon like Mariah, there's no point denying the obvious similarity between the two: They're both powerhouse vocalists with insane range.

Don't believe us? Then you've probably never actually heard Ariana sing, a wrong we're prepared to right immediately. Ariana shut down any possible naysayers yesterday (March 20) when she posted a video online of her singing her latest single "Dangerous Woman" a cappella.

"It's something fun and different just to hold you guys over," she said of the video on Snapchat. "It's silly and it's fun, and it was pretty spontaneous. I hope you guys like it. It's basically just me singing the song with no music."

It's a straightforward video: Ariana, dressed in a dominatrix bunny outfit (a standard for this era), stands before a camera and belts out the title track of her upcoming albumNo vocal embellishment is off limits, as Ariana soars through the song, even recreating that guitar solo with exceptional skill.

Ariana is currently gearing up to drop her forthcoming third studio album Dangerous Woman, though a release date has yet to be announced. But considering her amped up promo (she released another song "Be Alright" last week and appeared on Saturday Night Live as both the show's host and musical guest), it's safe to assume it'll be here soon.

Check out the video above to watch Ari perform "Dangerous Woman" a cappella.

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