Gypsy Rose Blanchard loves her husband and only has one regret about their relationship.

Speaking to Extra, Blanchard admitted she wishes her late mom, Dee Dee, could have had the chance to get to know her husband, Ryan Anderson.

"There is a part of myself that I would have wanted my mother to meet Ryan because he is so kind and genuine and loves me for all the right reasons," Blanchard shared.

In 2015, Blanchard's at-the-time-boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn stabbed Dee Dee to death. The crime was orchestrated by Blanchard after suffering yearslong abuse at the hands of her mother.

Throughout Blanchard's childhood and early adult life, Dee Dee gaslit her daughter into believing she was ill and forced her to use both a feeding tube and wheelchair. She convinced Blanchard she had leukaemia, muscular dystrophy, epilepsy and vision impairment, among other disabilities.

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Blanchard and Anderson first connected when he sent her a letter while she was in prison in 2020.

"I wrote her a letter and told her what her story meant to me, and at the end of the letter she decided to write me back. I don’t know if because I’m from Louisiana, that kind of got her to email me back," Anderson told Extra.

The pair hit it off when they met face-to-face for the first time in 2021, and Blanchard wed Anderson, a special education teacher, the following year.

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Now that Blanchard is out of prison, she and Anderson are focused on the future and excited about potentially starting a family together.

"That's always the goal. Absolutely. Absolutely. Now the timeline on when is up in the air, but absolutely," Anderson said of having a family with his new wife, gushing that Blanchard would be the "best mom" because she's "so sweet."

"I think I would be the stricter one, though… You would be the teddy bear," Blanchard quipped.

While in prison, Blanchard says she received over 250 letters from men trying to woo her.

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