Lady Gaga has finally dropped the fifth and final Haus of U fashion film for 'You & I,' nearly a year after the first one premiered and six months after the fourth one debuted. It's the most special of the clips, since it features a wedding scene and smooch with her boyfriend and co-star Taylor Kinney.

Their relationship blossomed out of the video shoot for the official 'You & I' video (which leaked one year ago today, actually) and it comes full circle in this two-minute clip, dubbed 'Barn Hooker and Mother.' Those are the alter egos Gaga assumes in the black and white footage.

Gaga is dominatrix in black strappy outfit and a virginal bride in white with a veil concealing her face in another.

At first, T is standing solo in the clip, looking buff and handsome in a white suit, eventually going shirtless.

There's some other people but we don't care about them, since they're not Gaga and Taylor. She also shows off her panties and grabs her crotch at around the 1:40 mark. But the money shot is the big kiss between the two; the fictional version of the couple shares their wedding smooch, with both standing under her veil. How romantic and intimate. Knees, meet buckle.

Perhaps the Mother Monster chose to release this video now because she has gone public with her relationship with T, sharing photos of them on her Little Monsters site, as they hang out and go skinny dipping. Or maybe she is closing a chapter on 'Born This Way' by releasing it a year after the official video for the third single dropped. Or maybe it's just a coinkydink and arbitrary.

If you want to watch the other Haus of U fashion films go, here for the first; here for the second; here for the third and here for the fourth. They feature Gaga-as-mermaid, Gaga-as-Jo-Calderone and more.