Zayn Malik stans are being tested right now. First he quit One Direction in the middle of a world tour, then he fought the entire world on Twitter (including former bandmate Louis Tomlinson and ex-friend Naughty Boy), voided his stress-cited reasoning for leaving 1D by signing a solo deal with RCA Records (#RealMusic) and even broke up with his fiancee, Perrie Edwards, allegedly via text. More has happened in Zayn's world over the past six months than probably happened to him throughout his entire career with One Direction. It's exhausting.

Some people deal with intense change by ignoring the feelings that come with it, choosing to alter their appearance instead. Zayn seems guilty of this -- shortly after quitting the band he got his nose pierced, shaved his head and dyed his hair Gatorade-green. Then he dyed it white, went back to black a few weeks later and, just the other day, colored it silver. Are you still with us?

Then again, Zayn's never been a stranger to switching up his look. According to One Direction's stylist, Caroline Watson, he takes the most fashion risks. Granted, Zayn is pretty much guaranteed to look like a high-fashion runway model even if he's wearing a loose burlap sack covered in pelican blood, so we're not sure how "risky" it is for him to try new things, but still.

From his most recent color changes to that long-ago rogue blond streak (lovingly dyed by Perrie's mom, yikes), to his side-swept emo cut to his James Dean-inspired, single strand look at the 2014 American Music Awards to his middle-parted, John-Stamos-wishes-he-looked-that-good hair circa "Night Changes" and beyond: Zayn never settles on one look for very long.

We can't decide on our favorite, so we're putting it to a poll! Look through the gallery above and vote for your favorite below. Think we made an egregious error and left his most iconic cut out? (Sadly, we couldn't legally use any photos of this haircut for the poll, but we think about it daily.) Feel free to write-in your own answer if you think we got it all wrong.

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