Lady Gaga has finally released 'Born This Way,' and the native New Yorker is packing the dance hits into her third studio album. 'Born This Way' contains influences from various genres that have touched Gaga's life, including pop (spanning across more than three decades), new wave, disco, rock, and contemporary techno and house music. PopCrush has been hard at work reviewing all of Gaga's tracks from the deluxe edition of 'Born This Way,' and now we are bringing you the complete roundup for our 'Born This Way (Deluxe Edition)' album review. Share your thoughts on the album in the comment section below, little monsters!

1. 'Marry the Night'
Gaga's opening track didn't really wow us, since the song's lyrics fail to live up to the lonely message Gaga was trying to convey in the lyrics. Although 'Marry the Night' has its enticing moments, like a catchy chorus of stutters as Gaga sings "M-m-marry, m-m-marry," this tune wouldn't have been our pick to initiate 'Born This Way.' (Listen Here)

2. 'Born This Way'
The title track of Gaga's latest album is a little bit Madonna, a little bit disco, and a whole lot of electronica. The upbeat song, which features positive lyrics about acceptance and self-love, is impossible not to sing along with, especially when Gaga delivers a sassy play on words as she sing-talks, "Don't be a drag, just a queen." (Listen Here)

3. 'Government Hooker'
Like the single 'Judas,' Gaga displays her animalistic side as she roars, "Hoooookah" during the techno tune's chorus. Although it begins with operatic style vocals, this Gaga song quickly takes a 180; the lusty, repetitive, pounding beats and Gaga's moaning vocals (in addition to the creepy male voice) make us feel as if we are being transported to some sort of degenerate sex romp. (Listen Here)

4. 'Judas'
Gaga wails about her unwanted yet irresistible attraction to 'Judas' in a religious play-on-words dance anthem. This song has a techno-industrial sound reminiscent of her monster hit 'Bad Romance,' and that's fine by us since it seems to work for Gaga. 'Judas' may seem a bit strange upon first listen, but once you give it another go, the catchy rhythmic-speak vocals will undoubtedly pull you in and have you howling along. (Listen Here)

5. 'Americano'
Although 'Americano' is danceable, this track seems a bit all over the place. In the lyrics, Gaga addresses a plethora of issues -- from religion to immigration -- some of which don't seem to fit the bill. Not to mention that Gaga chose to sing in Spanish instead of Italian on 'Americano.' Overall, this song is kind of silly and a bit confusing. (Listen Here)

6. 'Hair'
On this '80s influenced and industrial rock-laced track -- which features saxophone styling from E Street Band member Clarence Clemons -- Gaga sings over pounding drums and whizzing synth about being as "free as [her] hair." Although we didn't really pick up on the KISS influences she had spoken about, there are moments when Gaga's rock 'n' roll side comes out. (Listen Here)

7. 'Scheisse'
This German-influenced club banger is hard and loud, featuring a building house beat that layers a gritty, deep bass synth with high-pitched sirens. Even though we can see plenty of little monsters breaking it down to 'Scheisse,' the song doesn't blow us away with originality like many of the other album tracks. Also, we know Gaga says she doesn't speak German, and this really rings true as she begins singing in German, but with a French-twinged accent. Weird, right? (Listen Here)

8. 'Bloody Mary'
This track stands apart from the other songs on 'Born This Way,' since it is hardly the kind of song we would expect to hear pumping from the speakers in a nightclub (despite Gaga's intermittent screams). With a dark, eery, theatrical, piano-laden beat, Gaga shows that she can slow it down and get a little creepy with great success. (Listen Here)

9. 'Black Jesus + Amen Fashion' (Bonus Track)
This track is a great transition from 'Bloody Mary,' since it starts off with a looming keyboard solo and faint 808s, before giving way to tempestuous electronica sounds. However, Gaga keeps us interested and grooving along by switching between the raucous synth and a more poppy sound during the verses -- think J.U.S.T.I.C.E. meets Madonna. (Listen Here)

10. 'Bad Kids'
During the chorus of this song, Gaga channels the 'Material Girl' yet again. 'Bad Kids' kicks off with Gaga harshly ranting over a rocking guitar before delivering an old-school, '80s vibe, as Gaga sings about the rebellious youth of America. Even if 'Bad Kids' is groovable, the song is kind of blase compared to the other pulse-pounding and infectious tunes on 'Born This Way,' leaving us with a "meh" feeling after listening. (Listen Here)

11. 'Fashion of His Love' (Bonus Track)
Gaga wrote this song to honor Alexander McQueen, and it evokes feelings of happiness while listening to the uplifting, super '80s beat. 'Fashion of His Love' sounds like a revamped version of Whitney Houston's 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody,' and is a fun track, but some people may turn away from this one considering the retro '80s rhythm. (Listen Here)

12. 'Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)'
Gaga hops upon her magical steed in search of love in this uptempo, post-disco track. The diva changes up her vocal style from lower, rhythmic singing in the verses to belting it out big time on the chorus and bridge. 'Highway Unicorn' is another captivating track, with a composition that leaves listeners wanting more as the song ends. (Listen Here)

13. 'Heavy Metal Lover'
We can best describe our feeling for this tune in three words: Love, love love. A throbbing synth fades in to 'Heavy Metal Lover' as Gaga sings dirty lyrics in a nasally voice. The ethereal chorus of the midtempo track is really, really catchy, as Gaga lightly sings "oh, oh, oh, oh's" to her hardcore boyfriend (aka her now ex-boyfriend, Luc Carl). This song flows beautifully, maintaining a perfect balance of sex and sweetness. (Listen Here)

14. 'Electric Chapel'
On this track, Gaga unites her love for new wave and metal. Combining church organs, a string section, electronic elements, and a gritty guitar, Gaga is giving fans an idea of what the wedding of her dreams would encompass. It is nice to see Lady Gaga leave her comfort zone, as her her desire to experiment with all types of music becomes apparent with 'Electric Chapel.' (Listen Here)

15. 'The Queen' (Bonus Track)
Like 'Bad Kids,' we aren't really feeling 'The Queen.' Featuring chimes and a beat that sounds like it could accompany a montage from a cheesy '80s flick, this track will probably be one of the ones we skip on our iPods. Despite this, the feminist lyrics are inspirational, as Gaga sings, "I can be the queen that's inside of me / This is my chance to release." (Listen Here)

16. 'You and I'
It wouldn't be a Lady Gaga album without a powerful, romantic, lounge-inspired, piano track that sounds like she penned it after knocking back a few drinks. This song is one of the best sing-alongs on the whole album, as Gaga croons about being head-over-heels in love (the song was also written about her ex-boyfriend Luc Carl). 'You and I' is delightfully enchanting, and has the potential to attract listeners from all walks of life. (Listen Here)

17. 'The Edge of Glory'
Gaga penned this track after her grandfather died, writing it from the perspective of a person who is experiencing their last moments on earth. This tune is truly epic, featuring powerful vocals and a rising electronic beat throughout the song until the unexpected climactic sax solo from Bruce Springsteen collaborator, Clarence Clemons. This might be the most commanding track on the entire album. (Listen Here)

18. 'Born This Way (The Country Road Version)'
We know that Gaga likes to incorporate a lot of genres into her music, but after hearing this one, we think she should probably steer clear of country. 'Nuff said. (Listen Here)

19. 'Judas (DJ White Shadow Remix)'
Rave on, little monsters! DJ White Shadow's remix of 'Judas' will get your blood pumping and your feet stomping along to the intoxicating house jam. (Listen Here)

20. 'Marry the Night (Zedd Remix)'
This remix of Gaga's 'Marry the Night' revamps the alters the original track in an exciting way. Zedd's heavy techno beat also brings Benny Benassi's monster remix track, 'Satisfaction' to mind. (Listen Here)

21. 'Scheisse (DJ White Shadow Mugler)'
The 'Scheisse' remix offers an even more aggressive sound than the original, if you can imagine that. Get ready to get sweaty with this one! (Listen Here)

22. 'Fashion of His Love (Fernando Garibay Remix)'
Gaga's collaborator and co-write of 'Fashion of His Love,' Fernando Garibay, is bringing Gaga's vintage '80s track back to the new millenium, implementing catchy electropop beats into his club-ready remix. (Listen Here)

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